2010 Fav Movies

Finally done with the quota of December films so here it goes – my favorite films of 2010:

  1. Winter’s Bone
  2. Exit through a gift shop
  3. Soul Kitchen
  4. Kings Speech
  5. 127 hrs

Still have to watch biutiful which I am told is Javier Bardem’s best performance to date. Am sure I missed a few foreign language films but to get my hands on those DVD’s will take a while.

There will be very few hardcore fans of Aaron Sorkin than me but I still contend that he missed the point on Social Network. It just does not match up either as a movie or as a story about facebook. Is it the case of these old journos/jurists riding the hype to get these awards to appeal to the younger generation?

And honestly except for a couple of scenes with Justin Timberlake, the screenplay was dull!

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3 thoughts on “2010 Fav Movies”

  1. I liked 5th and the 1st the most, Ravi. Yet to see 2nd & 3rd. About, Biutiful, I heard its way too sad.. so might just skip it.

    But, I did like Social network, thought it was entertaining enough. As for Sorkin’s work I’ve just watched Few good men, a few episodes of studio 60 & west wing… so, don’t know much.

  2. Winter’s Bone was amazing wasn’t it? The ending was way beyond what i could imagine.

    Social Network was entertaining no doubt but as the great Lawrence Lessig said it, they missed the point of the whole facebook thing. The lawsuit is but a blip in its story.

  3. Yeah the ending was well shot. It was so atmospheric and eerie. The remote Missouri/Kansas winter landscape looks like that.. oh, good acting as well.

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