23:45… Fortune.

X: Hey, ssup?
Y: Hi, can we talk?
X: Sure, tell me.
Y: Wat u doing? Are you busy or in between something? Cos this can’t be done in a hurry.
X: Actually I am having dinner with my frnds. But lite, I am out now in the lobby. Tell me, wat is it?
Y: You sure-cos this will take sometime.
X: Ya baba. Tell me…
Y: Things are not right between us don’t you think?
X: Yup, they are not. I am glad you realize that.
Y: COM’ on, am not a moron. So? Where we heading?
X: I don’t know baap. I really don’t. I wish I knew so that I can give you a definite answer. I am lost. Lost for words, emotions, actions. I am just not in a position to commit to one thing. Either this or that. I can’t tell you how I feel cos I don’t know it myself. I am tired. I am angry. I am pissed at situations beyond my control. I am sad that my friend is leaving. I am angry because he doesn’t feel a thing. I am jealous cos he is devoid of all these emotions. But that doesn’t change a thing or does not matter to “us”, does it? It is us you want to know and I ain`t got an answer. I just don’t…
Y: Keep going…
X: I can’t. I need a break. I need time, space. I feel good getting tired at the end of the day. I want to crash. I am happy with the days passing by without any surprises. I like this. I love this. Please don’t ruin it. Please don’t bump me from this freeway. Don’t.
Y: ya… Call me once you are done with your rant mood. Stop sulking and be practical. You really can’t blame the only person who cares enough to listen to all that banter. Get a life… call me… till then, bbye.

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7 thoughts on “23:45… Fortune.”

  1. Well, who’s the other guy and what was all that about?

    Anyway, I’m happy dude that you’re enjoying your life the way it is. Keep the tempo. Have fun.

    Will call you at 0000 Hrs.

  2. So, hows the new year treating you? A tad early, is it?

    How come no movie reviews of late? Rang De Basanti, how is it? I saw Crash recently though.

  3. @Gulam. No expectations dude. Don’t want to introduce. The last time around, it was disastrous. Remember!

    @Adarsh. Too Early.
    Rang de Basanti releases later this month. Nice Music.

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