911 Response

Had my first 911 experience today. Was riding on the bus when a lady in just collapsed after a seizure. I did not understand for a while why no one in bus moved but then we got a bunch of keys to her. Then I called 911 and boy was I impressed.

Exactly abt 90secs later there were sirens all around and the first bunch of fire crew landed. I din’t get it for a second when everyone started applauding when they got onto the bus but I was told that after 9/11 this is a norm.

A few seconds after that there were ambulances, police cars all around and the lady was in the hospital within 5mins… that really was some response. Couldn’t help but wonder how it would be if it was the same back home!!!

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6 thoughts on “911 Response”

  1. i heard something about 911. it happened to a friend’s friend. he called 911 during an emergency and yes, like you said, they were there in a matter of minutes. around a week later he gpt a $1500 bill for having used their service.

    have you got a bill as yet?

  2. Ashwini, if i get a bill of that amount, i ll have nothing to do but to surrender myself and let them do all that they want.

    Advitiya: its true that we should have a system like that but i believe more importantly we should have the basic courtesy to first come forward and help the ppl first and then depend upon the authorities.

  3. Great man ravi..Had been to emergency medicine seminar and got to know that we don’t even have a medical emergency number..forget about promptness.
    Although we do have people who would come forward and help even stranger but there also are ppl who would just ignore.

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