Adios, Schumi!

What started out as a way to kill time on Sunday afternoons about 8yrs back grew to being a passion that was fuelled by hrs of strenuous analysis, fanatical cheering and jealous wonderment of craftsmanship of a man who in spite of all the bad-press that the so called purists try to attribute to downplay the greatness of a man who truly is a hero in the truest sense of the word – Michael Schumacher.

About six yrs back in spa when all the drivers chickened out to change to oil slicks to get grip in a downpour, there was one man who stood out and challenged the elements to outrun all the others lap after lap on hard compounds to win an inconsequential race and when asked why the risk the man replied – its all about racing wit oneself in one’s own terms, the opposition is but an excuse. Such was the arrogance of a man who knew he was good and had no regard to the idiocracy of the rules framed by incompetent men who had big bucks.

My dad and I supported rival teams but after every masterstroke of MS, when my dad would smile at the sheer genius of this man, I knew my worship of this man was no futile. I have not been able to watch F1 after coming to the US so when I called my dad todey, the first thing he spoke to me was abt MS retiring.

It’s sad in way that F1 has changed forever it’s funny that the image’s of the climax of the movie – Truman Show come into my mind where after the show goes off air, the audience ask “ All right, what else is on television”. Without schumi, F1’s just another race.

Kimi is to replace MS but I still hope that someday Jenson Button races in the great man’s place. For me he is the only one who come’s close to Schumi in both attitude and arrogance. I won’t be able to watch F1 for a while here so am not bothered but for all great hours of racing that I have watched, its Schumi who made all the difference.

For one last time – Go Schumi!

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