Advice, that I need!

These days I am in tall grass most of the time. I have no clue, no idea how to do somethings. Mostly I try to listen or remember what people I consider wise told me but mostly, I make things up and pray they work.

Which is good in a way, no? My deeds, my actions and my failures. I cannot tie them back to someone. Maybe this is what my mind really meant when it was pushed to be more creative/more original – Originality is over-rated, doing things better is the key!

So what I keep searching at times like this is advice. Not selfish words but advice that stems from voice that does not calculate “what’s in it for me”, blunt, harsh but honest. Friends help, I am glad I have a handful who do that but I am guessing its age and that people are becoming less critical and more accepting. But on a few days, I really need advice and it sucks that there is so little of it available. So so few wise men around!

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