And another rant…

In the whole process of shopping for the impending journey abroad, I went to this new Tommy Hilfiger Showroom that opened in uptown Hyd where I spent about 10mins waiting for a friend to join me. Right opposite the store there is a Eye Hospital that also caters to economically challenged people as it performs a quota of free cataract operations everyday free of cost.

This hospital is popular all over the state and many an old couple come down here with meager savings to regain their sight and most of the times end up staying for a day or to more than they can afford due to the heavy rush at the hospital. One such couple, tired and dusty was standing right beside the store’s parking lot begging for some money so that they could buy tickets to go back to the village they came from. Now Tommy being this ultra expensive place attracts some really affluent people but it was surprising to see the kind of people who were helping them out. Most of the junta helping the couple were not these fat asses getting down from swanky cars but the middle-class and lower middle-class pedestrians who were on the street.

It is when I see such things that my resolve in the concept of democracy or socialism wanes and the communist agenda that I so don’t believe in comes to the core. There is a definite gloom when you see such incidents and then once preoccupied in our own lives, the whole resolve to fight the system goes out of the window but the question keeps dangling before my eyes time and again, truly is there no hope?

We pride ourselves in being the greatest democracy in the world but in the end all we are is just a Republic. We ain’t got no right to take decisions here. We only have the power of the vote to choose the people who will take decisions on our part. So how is democracy in place at all?

There was this phase in my life a couple of years back after getting all hyper after reading some remarkable stuff on Communist Manifesto and how logical it all sounds but in the end, if practiced in today’s economic scenario is India, I doubt it will do any good than the current system in place.

Can we ever come up with a model of governance where the poor find it a little easier to survive without learning or mastering rocket-science? After all the advancement and the talk of India being the next super-power, can infrastructure for the common man be made that much more convenient so that it solves these burdensome problems. Again my frustration lies in the fact that the powers to be know all about the problems and must be having solutions in sight but the implementation, well, that’s the sorry part thanks to the zillion way’s in which we try to divide ourselves.

To the old couple, all I could do was giving them a few pennies. Did they get to their village; I don’t know and at some level even if I would know, I couldn’t care less. Have too much of my own stuff to deal with right now. But shouldn’t there be somebody who should be caring about stuff like this… or is it that all of us are too engrossed in our own lives to care a shit abt some destitute problems?

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