And I have nothing to write about:

Every day morning I have a train journey that spans the better part of hour and on most days, I open up the white word document and just stare at it to only realize, I have nothing to write or do anything to fill it. For a long while I have not been able to finish a paragraph with out wiping all the gibberish for the sole reason that I have nothing to say.

The life is not monotonous anymore. And all the crib about life being all about work and nothing else strangely does not come into mind. The reasons could be far from few ranging from the challenges that work has to offer to the strange feeling of content that stems from realizing your potential. And the monetary benefits don’t hurt either.

There is so much to do. PFC has reached a stage of being a platform that is more unique than anything that Indian Cinema has. The number of possibilities of its diversion into areas far beyond where we started out is overwhelming. The day to day stuff on the site is asking so much and so little am I devoting to it. Then there is actual writing that has never taken off. Couple this with the fact that the avenues that actually interest me have grown substantially to include activities that are far beyond what I ever imagined.

The bay area is uniquely sad for me though I have a feeling that I may be here for a long time or more frighteningly, I may ultimately settle here. Its vast Desi population has its own unique flavor for someone who can’t stand it or can’t stop appreciating about it. Its unique to the point that there is hardly a beat skipped in this area to the roots that you are so accustomed to that the gloom that transcends with it is creepy.

From the start this place let me down. All the hype about this being a city of varied tastes and influences just did not rub on me. NYC for me is much more international and it for one saves everything that is good about America. The food, the transportation, the housing, the people and most importantly the attitude that permeates your life everyday is strangely chilling and the laid back attitude at best is frustrating. And my judgment is based on living in Fremont and not in the city itself which is another bane…

Maybe it is or may be it is not, I am yet to meet a single interesting person outside work in this coast and that for me a barometer of the place so, and maybe I will have a better time ahead. BTW, the drive in the city is fascinating… nothing like I have ever experienced before so on that front, I am glad I have lived here for a bit.

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