And the WC show begins!

WC begins and here i am, yet to see how the new Indian team looks like. The pics are all of bowlers with menacing looks and the batsmen full of concentration but haven’t seen a ball being bowled or a boundary being hit in ages. No TV, no cricket.


Cricinfo 3d link is awesome but no the real deal. Need to find a streaming link soon, anything close to $10 is fine by me to get the rights but can’t afford more than that.

West Indies Vs Pakistan on now. Smith’s done it for WI huh! Read a few days back abt India cruising to a victory over WI and that WI looked pathetic. Is it that or is the Indian team really that good. Any of you really informed cricket pundits who follow the game and know about the present team care to enlighten me about our chances?

For now, GO WI. My Jamaican friend is all excited about the whole of India talking about Jamaica and how cool their dances are… she chatters a lot about it and now her dream of showing off is coming true…

India Aus and India Pak will be in April if what i heard is right… looking forward to them…

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