Art of Procrastination

I will start studying from September 1. I will start mailing my resumes once my provincial is in. I will buy a sax after I get my call letter. I will start swimming after my gym routines are underway. I will get my bike repaired after I am done with the car. September 1. I will make a new beginning. 5’O clock. Gym. Stocks. Certification. CEFIL. Definitely from September 1.

Procrastination. My biggest enemy. I do it all the time. I do it because it is easy. I procrastinate because it is convenient. It’s tempting, bright, sunny and whole hearted. I procrastinate.

My whole life I have always planned to do this, do that, go here, be there, buy this, and wear that. But most of it never happened. Never happened because I never got down to doing it. Never made myself get up from that soft bed and do something worthwhile, something that I could probably feel good about. Most of the time I would listen to loud music in my room – locked up of course and enact myself doing great things and being all that I wanted to be. Never got down to doing anything.

Is it typical human tendency to be like the way I am or is it the way with most of them in the world. Its easy to point a finger at all the irregularities that are there in one’s life and say that once I manage to iron out the few creases that refrain me from going all out and doing stuff, I will get down seriously to it. But I believe one can never. Life is a constant process of evolving and trying to find a balance between the good/great/right/proper things and the not so easy ones which tend to dock one’s capabilities and minifies them from performing at the optimum.

One of the most amazing things that I have discovered about myself is that I can do difficult things or stuff which generally entails a lot of hard work, dedication, precision and a stubborn approach to get things done quite easily. Its only when it comes to daily mundane stuff that requires monotonous organization, detail and a penchant to do that drudging thing again and again is when I falter. Again I think this is a universal phenomenon. What happens is to do the extraordinary is easy because you will definitely go all out on that pursuit. Slack sets in when that is to be done everyday and with the same zeal and finesse.

Procrastination is a one things that I desperately need to get rid of. Writing all this is one good way to do it. All it takes is a focused mind, a dedicated soul and an itching sense to get the work done. Let me see whether I am up to the task.

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