at least you have some love…

…said my room mate when I was in one of those moods of cursing the whole world of robbing me of everything. “Some Love” he stressed, considering the fact that our lives are all about meager living and making the most of what we have.

Is physical gratification really love? Is it so difficult to draw a line and say that I need LOVE – purest, complete with tears and sacrifice. Can’t love just be selfish but filled with genuine care and concern of the other person?

In my life I have been blessed with a lot of love, friends and girl friends alike. There have been relationships that had no names, no rules and no method of classification but to say – because of the comfort level – as friends. Is it wrong?

Life and times are different at different times. Morality changes its definition… cause and effect combine with reason and motives to transform into a situation wholly new – some personal which are beyond conceivable imagination… does it matter?

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