Beautiful Games, Dirty Games, Worrying Games

So both of the football teams I support had 2 games so far and the feelings are mixed all around. Madrid played an amazing first game with an intensity that Barca could only break by 2 lucky breaks and flashes of genius. Second game Barca realized who they are and played amazing football only  to go down disgracefully off-field.

What were you thinking Jose? Pep is right when he says the images speak for themselves. Get off your high horse and find a way to beat them otherwise just be graceful in your lose and praise your opponents. Barca is no small team and you are making Madrid even smaller by making great players behave like arrogant kids. And all this before the season is yet to start!


Now Liverpool is a whole other story. The first 30mins of the Sunderland game got my hopes up! Maybe we can get the 19th this year but there was still something missing in the mid-field. May be Gerrad, maybe Carol and Suarez need time to speak the same language but Daglish has work to do.

And today in the Arsenal game, the kinks came to the forefront. Against a team like Arsenal which probably is going to have the worse season in a decade, we could not keep possession in the mid-field. The right wing was being closed off again and again and we just seem to get the ball holed up there. A crappy win but a win! Hopefully it will get better.

Now time to sing “You will never walk alone”.

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