Black President!


So the sun sets on the nomination campaign and the flashbulbs crackle for the November race… The strategy is an interesting read.

In April at IFFLA,  there was night that made me read up and think to jump sides… not still convinced on the symbolism argument but if anyone is willing to tell me that the strategy to get the crown would be the precedent for a term of ruling likewise, I am hopeful.

Would be interesting to see how many actually from the campaign make it to the staff.

And there go the JFK comparisons again… 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Black President!”

  1. Adding a personality to politics does make it interesting.. Last year, Feb to be specific, I was asking a friend, “who is this Obama guy anyway?”… The strategy was a slow, albeit a steady one. Going down in history as one of the firsts is a fine thing too. Lets just hope the party unites after all this and gets to the White House. You can always hope..isn’t it?

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