Blog layout debate

For a long time I had it in my mind that the fixed width layout was a complete waste of pixel space. Considering how large our screens have become/how many more pixels our screens can now accomodate, the center aligned blog layout was a bit stiffling. So, for more than a couple of yrs, I have been experimenting furiously to come up with a layout that not only fills up the space, but also gives me flexibility to add more fun stuff that I like to.

But it turns out, the days of flexible width sites are over and no one seems to be designing anymore full screen layouts except for custom apps. I feel cheated by not giving me enough space on a large screen to fill stuff instead forcing me to go scrolling but as IA points out, it seems that there are more advantages to having centered fixed width layouts. And these guys are serious. 

So now the work begins on a centered theme that I am going to write myself! 🙂

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