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Update 2

So now the Govt. has woken up to realize that everyone’s using to get to their sites huh! The pak blogs link worked till abt 10mins back and now its been blocked too. So now I am left with no choice but to use RSS feeds to access my site and check other blogspot blogs.

This is getting interesting now!


Update 1

Its out in the open now that almost all of the ISP’s in India have blocked blogspot and the reason behind it seems to be the fact that the Indian Govt. suspects SIMI to be sending information through blogs to their comrades all over. All right so the Govt. is finally doing something to show that it is capable of catching the culprits but does it seriously feel that I will get some where by this act?

Firstly, I am quite amused that the Govt. chose the way of ‘blocking blogs’ to show that they are taking action. Bloggers have been the most vocal in their anger against the blasts in Mumbai last week and there would easily have been a thousand posts on how the Indian Govt. is incapable of handling a crisis and how little it is doing to assuage the feelings of Indian’s who feel they have not been given justice. Is it there way to prove a point once and for all that the people in power do read what is written in public domain?

Secondly, either the Govt. is sending a message across or they are being downright stupid. I am sure whoever is using blogs as a way to communicate would not elaborately post on where, how and when they are going to attack. Last I heard that one of the Simi activists is a MS in CompSci from Texas. The chances of terrorists using codes hidden in harmless blogs as a way to communicate is very high and if that’s the case how are the monitoring agencies going to deal with it?

Also, am sure there are infinite ways to communicate and blogs is just one of them in this virtual world. Consider scraps on orkut, reader comments of random blogs not on blogspot or type pad, comments section in rediff on topicals, mirror servers of mail clients and finally web-servers which allow file transfers which are routed through a dozen countries. Can the Govt curb all of these? It doesn’t take a CompSci graduate to figure out all this and am sure all these activists have redundancy built in everywhere to deal with this type of stuff. They know Pak Govt did this before so they would have thought abt it already?

There are stories around that PIL’s will be filed tomm against the infringement of Right to Information Act and that the Govt. will resolve the issue in 48hrs. But one thing am sure of is that there won’t be any info flowing from the Govt. As always there will be speculation all around and there won’t be one official from the Dept. of Communications or PMO who has the ballz to say we did something and these are the reasons and this is what we plan to do.

I am all right if the Govt. thinks it’s necessary to block sites in order to trace culprits or get vital info. Am ok with being in dark for hrs abt what is going on but I am not ok with is the fact that nobody from the ministries come and owns up to having done something and not care to explain the how’s and why’s. For me this is a blatant violation of democracy and this is bigger that not keep promises or not working hard enough to fulfill the aspirations of the people.


It’s almost 12hrs since blogspot is being blocked in India and there seems to be no let up anywhere. All the accessing to other blogs and general info is through the routing system that is not only changing the links by itself but also ensuring that once this route is adopted, blogspot will work for the entire session.

I just spoke to my local service provider now and he says that its the work of the national ISP provider from where he takes a feed. Hard to verify the claim but he has no more news for me.

Please keep commenting and let me know if ppl in other countries are able to access blogs of Indian origin i.e. from Indian IP’s.

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8 thoughts on “Blogspot Blocked!”

  1. You’re right… sure we’ll appreciate if they’re doing this to pin down terrorist activites… but they have a minimum responsibility to tell us what, how and why!

  2. I can read the Indian blog-spots.

    Btw.. I am still curious about that “real Indian” breed :p

    Who are they?

  3. Hey dude, saw your pic in the newspaper today. Good show … I knew you wrote well, but didn’t know you had so many people following your blog. 🙂

  4. Blogspot has been banned in pakistan for a few months now. The pkblogs link however still works there.

    I wrote a little guide on how to get around the ban using proxy sites incase anyone is interested: blogger ban guide

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