Casino Winnings and a speeding ticket.


First time ever I made some dough in a casino playing poker and that is the day god choose to slap me with a speeding ticket. And that too, I wasn’t driving my darling of a car!

Poker is addictive I must add and a statuary warning to all who find it fascinating – STAY AWAY!

$250 fine for speeding when at 3am in the morning, even the most conservative if the drivers drive no less than 80. And I was freaking driving at 80! Like back home, I will take it as a lesson for all those days of 100+ driving.

So long for now… wait up for some jhakaas news!

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One thought on “Casino Winnings and a speeding ticket.”

  1. (Slaps forehead)

    I told you like I told a chilaka, STAY AWAY FROM POKER!! It’s.. ahem.. evil!!

    (Shakes head in disappointment) =p

    And you got a ticket for driving at 80.. what are you gonna tell your grandkids now!! Friggin 80!! Just 80!! Tch tch!!

    Seriously, only 80!!

    (Shakes head in disappointment again)

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