Coffee and Capuccino


Apparently you can order a coffee with extra cream and sugar which is to say that it is a little more indiaized way but you can’t say the same to a cappuccino because there is already skimmed cream and the cream is sweet in any of the Dunkin Donuts!!!

I mean is it crazy or what. Firstly, there is DD in almost all the places that I go which leaves me to drive an extra mile to get to a Starbucks. So when I am desperate for coffee, DD can’t make a strong brewed coffee cos coffee for them is either black or plain milk which sucks.

I mean, can’t i get a strong coffee with that distinct DD flavor with a little more/less cream depending on whether it is a coffee or a cappuccino, just the way I like it.

Man, 6-7 hr drives are tiresome – I need at least good coffee!

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One thought on “Coffee and Capuccino”

  1. Did you say you like the DD coffee?! For some reason I think it tastes real bad!! Of course we all have our own likes and dislikes but you know wot, I think the extra mile to Starbucks is worth it. (than saving the extra mile for a BAD DD Coffee!).

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