The site is built on the WordPress platform currently running a modified version of the twentysixteen theme. I am a big fan of  Matt and the work they have done over the last 15yrs on WordPress and as a very early user and adopter of their work I have been inspired to track their journey as they grew the product, the company, the culture and the design of the team. Nice work WordPress!

The site has been heavily influenced by the work of the super talented teams at IA, Sofa(before FB) & I Love Typography. I have been following the work of these companies for a few years now and the evolution of their work and what they have created is phenomenal and inspirational. The site is hosted by A Small Orange, a small company with a small team but with amazing support and reliability(highly recommended!!).

A lot of the writing on the site is dependent on what I read in books, magazines, articles and commentary from TV, Radio and Podcasts. As much as there is a genuine effort put in to provide attestations and references, some liberty is taken to paraphrase as this blog is not monetized and I have or will not make any money from these efforts. Any original thought, sentence, video or audio used without acknowledgement is an oversight on my part and I take full responsibility for it.

Ravi Kalaga.