Decoding Toyota DNA

 A fascinating read that really explains how a culture of continuous improvement embodies the Toyota manufacturing system and how generations after generations of workers are trained constantly to solve problems at their level by using tools in the form of countermeasures, problem-solving as a way to keep getting better and coaching by asking questions to enforce the idea of empowerment.

A lot of what we do at Liatrio is modelled on learnings from the Toyota system applied to Software Delivery and the terms Kata, Kaizen, Kanban are all concepts that were perfected there on the manufacturing floors of Japan.

Large enterprises are messy and complex with silo’s and large ego’s. There is no way a single silver bullet will enable a company to change and be successful overnight. The concept of continuous improvement – starting at a small team level with small changes – and then cascading them into multiple teams and having the ability to see and fix problems in a structured manner is probably the only way enterprises can be a learning and winning organizations and be competitive.

This HBR article about Toyota offers a glimpse into how the above can be practised and implemented in a daily manner. Must Read!

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