It was during one of the formula1 races that I had a chance to see the new TATA SAFARI DICOR ad and man did it blow me away. Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, awesome setting for the car shoot, superb ground clearing stunts and finally the realism. One hell of a package!

Today I finally got a glimpse of the car itself it was quite impressive.

Firstly, the colors: Dicor now comes in blue and light brown apart from the regular grey, white and black. The suspension has been raised considerably so it looks taller than its predecessor. The tail lamp finish is good and the rear parking camera is a novelty. Offcourse it won`t be much of a use because its placed above the number plate.

The finish is quite good and the interiors look much better than the old one but for the dash board. It would have been a welcome surprise had TATA come up with a new dash-design but its certainly long overdue.

The only let down is the head lamp. Going by the overhaul that DICOR has had, a new set of probably dual rounded or single rounded headlamps would have enhanced the overall image. Don’t understand how the designers forgot about them completely.

A good product especially for all those Indians who are Be Indian-Buy Indian types and who want to own a SUV.

But again, its the ad that steals the show rather than the product.

Also popular these days is that “Feel Like God” campaign of the avenger. Quite a few I know have really appreciated that ad for a variety of reasons. But it din`t work for me. There is something about it that’s just not right. Probably the music or the shoot in general. Something’s definetly missing. Probably the “spark” that DICOR campaign has…

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