DevOps Enterprise Summit – 2019 ReCap

DOES 2019 is a wrap and as always, it’s so cool to see how much the DevOps community has grown and matured from the first DOES in 2014 to now. The people, the companies and the attitudes have changed a lot and it’s amazing to see how far we have come.

Here is a quick recap from the conference with only the highlights:

  • DOES 2019 was technical. The theme for the last few years was community, culture and transformations; this time, the focus was more technical demonstrations and stories of transformations and overall, the keynotes did a good job.
  • There are 4 highlight talks for me this year – this was the full agenda
    • Dominica DeGrandis – Shift Happens: Do You Have the Right Team for Managing Work by Product?
      • Why: Dominica! She is simply the best when talking about getting better at visualizing work and evangelizing around WIP.
      • Highlights
        • Product Team Structures
        • Difference between SCRUM & Product Teams
        • Giving us a vocabulary to take to Enterprises
      • Slides
    • Jonathan Smart – Risk & Control is Dead, Long Live Risk & Control
      • Why: Jon is a true Enterprise Transformation Consultant. Lots to learn from him personally when you see him in action. He has a clarity of thought that is rare; Ross is very similar as well.
      • Highlights
        • Giving visuals to Agile for Dev, Waterfall for Planning, Design & Ops
        • Tips to break this down
        • How to focus on product transformation
      • Slides
    • Ross Clanton & Amy Walters – The Project to Product Transformation: Practical Guidance from Fourteen Enterprise Journeys
      • Why: Listening to Ross talk about extremely long transformations and their phases is phenomenal to watch. How he articulates very deep thinking is a masterclass for all consultants.
      • Highlights
        • Product Transformation Phases
        • ~ 21 items needed for the product transformation
        • Case Studies
      • Slides
    • Jacklyn Damiano & Josh Stone – Staying the Course Amidst Change—An Update on Verizon’s Digital and Cultural Transformations
      • Why: Just the most compelling story in all its faults & glories
      • Highlights:
        • Jacklyn!
      • Slides

Here are some more items that were great this year

There were auditors from big 4 there. It was great to have them, I struggled with it as they were pretty rude but they showed up, they said the right things and it’s on DevOps Evangelists to bring everyone in the org to show up.

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