Practice what you preach; something that has been ingrained into all of us when the time comes for us to tell the one next to us. It’s the same with me, on most of the occasions. I like to take the moral high ground when it does not hurt me and advice whoever it is that listen to me. I take the convenient way out, ways that mostly don’t hurt me but am sure that there is somewhere that I draw a line and say this is where I will follow what I preached or at least believed. Honor among thieves… I love the line; it’s something that I struck to all my life…

Vinod Chopra directing a movie after a while; I did not see a trailer but the director is a draw to me. After all he gave an honest movie like Parinda; visuals which are etched in my memory to date. I always liked him, khamoshi was awesome and so was the characterization of Sanjay Dutt in Mission Kashmir. And the fact that he writes his own scripts makes me feel good that there are some of these kinds still left in Indian cinema.

Except for this review I had absolutely no idea what I was going to be treated to while walking into the theatre. The cast was brilliant and I have a bias for Jimmy Shergill so I knew I won’t regret it. The plot is age old but the visualizations and the details were awesome. Lack of songs was unexpected but was a welcome change. The actors for my expectation performed brilliantly.

I did not grow up watching Amitabh Bachchan and all the movies I saw of his were on Zee Cinema during a time when I was not crazy about films so the only repertoire I know of his are his characters during his “second innings”. Ekalavya probably ranks right up there and considering the limitations that the script had of he being a guard and not easily the one to be emotional, a physically tough performance was a treat. The storyline does justice to all the actors; Mr. Parikshit Sahani was brilliant and so was Jackie Shroff. Saif’s just had to be himself and Mr. Irani has what it takes to do what is expected out of him. Everything up to the climax was perfect and then my crib begins.

Dharma as explained in Mahabharata has various connotations but the approach of VC was very puzzling. The ending just took away all that was brilliant about the movie. So what if Dharma has to take precedence including everything. Finally here was a story that could have been what it originally was but once again like so many before fell because of the weight of expectations and commercial success. Why is it wrong if Saif’s is killed? Why is every decision made in our lives based on pure selfishness?

For a while during the end I felt finally I was going to see some in your face end to a story that was based on the age old mythology and took its origins in the scriptures. I have read my share of the Gita and if the connotation of Dharma is convenience and subject to personal objectives, then would our daily ingrained ideals hold us today?

For me a story needs to have a point of view that’s based on honesty. Why did Ekalavya derail from it?

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