First Snowfall…

The times finally here for the first snowfall of this winter. The weather outside is below zero and all the first timers are eagerly waiting for the fall to begin. None of the first timers are sleeping tonight and the mood here is really electric.

I wish sometimes I were a poet or a genius with words who can pen down how a heart fells when waiting for something so beautiful.

I still remember the MasterCard ad where two Africans in their forties run out of the hotel at the sight of the first snow to play like kids… I could be doing that but right now I just want it to come down….

Thank god for a few things that are still new… haven’t waited for anything so desperately for a while now….

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6 thoughts on “First Snowfall…”

  1. Ha, yeh.. always a merry moment when you walk in the white grains for the first time.. trust me, when you see it.. you ll turn into a poet 🙂

  2. Correction: It was an emirates ad, one of my favourites too. I’m half happy it’s not snowing here in texas … I’d prefer being a visitor to snowy places than staying there.

    3 weeks of snowy christmas vacation await me 🙂

  3. When you get your feet in the snow, imagine for a moment the summer heat in India. It’ll sort of enrich and intensify the experience! :p

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