Game Day 1: Stoke (0) v. Liverpool (1)


Another season, great expectations and a promise to return the club to the heights that they truly belong at. All optimism aside, its not going to be a easy season and we are not going to win the league and all we should look forward to is to play some good possession football, make no mistakes and look for some luck to push up to the top 4.

If the stoke game is anything to go by – the passing was excellent in spurts in the first half. We put up 15-20 pass clutches 2 or 3 times and one of them led to a goal. But if we are truly going to be in the running for top 4, we need that all important second goal in the first half and not give away the ball cheaply. And Agger style mistakes are what we really need to avoid.

We will loose on the road to the likes on Man U, Man City & Chelsea and we will drop points on those winter nights at Villa or Sunderland but if we can close out Anfield games with 2 goal margins and then keep the ball and not make mistakes in our half; the points are only ours to loose. Big clubs do this well and they do this consistently and a 2 goal lead will shield us against the mistakes that are bound to be made. We are a Big Club!

Good start; scrappy at times but good start.

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