Gameday 3: ManU (0) vs. Liverpool (1)

Wonderful start to the season continues. Fantastic game by Liverpool even tough we just about held on with a lucky early goal.

Cautious optimism, yes but three 1-0 wins with each game having 60mins of defending and not crumbling shows something. In this game especially, we did not lose the formation in the second half where we had meagre possession but the fact that there was just one shot on goal proves how well the back 4 are working and this without Kolo Toure.


Do we have a squad which can win the league?! May be not. Compared to the likes of Chelsea and Man U, we don’t have the depth in crucial roles. Think about an injury to Lucas or Gerrard and we don’t have a mid-fielder. Wingers are a big concern as well as Henderson and Coutinho seem to be better at other things than cutting in and piercing the opposition defense. Do we need to buy, maybe not right now as this team needs more time to gel and if the performances continue, and with some luck keeping injuries at bay, we may just have a run of games where we can put some foundation for campaigns to come.

The biggest concern still, great possession and passing on the first half, absolutely lack of control or ball-time in the second half. Something for BR to work on for sure. In the mean time, the table below says it all…


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