Gym Saga

My association with Gym’s started in the first year of Engg when I, on a whim to do something with the plethora of free time in my hand, decided to start toning my body and pump up those muscles. Noble thoughts. I got myself enrolled in the most prestigious Gym of my area called Gidwani’s and was promptly joined by a fellow college mate. The beginning’s were quite difficult thanks to the chilly winter mornings and the 5-min bike ride at temp’s of 15 degree centigrade. Now, if you ask what is it with Indians, esp. Hyderabadis, and complaints about weather which is not even in single digits, then let me tell you that as a rule we are better suited to warn-hot-blistering summers that slightly cool winters. Period.

After getting used to the routine, thanks to a very helpful coach who acknowledged our presence up to the time of our paying the complete deposit and the first month’s fees, we settled into the routine of waking up late, making excuses for skipping the routines and faking pains to avoid those particularly strenuous ab crunches. But we somehow managed to slug it out for about 6 months after which both me and my friend were particularly proud of some things. He for his rock solid, cut faced biceps, me for my ability and tactfulness to stand him everyday for 6 months. End of Gym number 1.

Then came Gym No. 2. This was a small, out of the spotlight kind of Gym which was very secluded and very private. I somehow don’t recall the name but am quite sure that it is of some combination of the words – Wonder, global, body, fitness, studio, buzz and so on. My relationship with this cute little place lasted less than a month because of reasons best left undescribed. Nope, I was not man-handled or propositioned. Just lets say, the place kind of got me into moods which were not very conducive to tough work outs.

The next one was a really plush Fitness Studio which boasted of State of the Art Fitness equipment, rich interiors and gaudy people. The trainer was the only person who had some level of decency and was very helpful right from the word go. He was the first one to prescribe routines that matched what I wanted for myself and completely excluded me from his grand scheme of plans to churn out psycho shreks obsessed with there body cuts. I had the pleasure of observing some characters during my gymming sojourns who just worked out to see themselves in the reflecting mirrors and gaze in wonderment. My stay here lasted for about 4 months during which time I must admit, I managed to get the near perfect athletic frame that I always dreamed of. But, thanks to the gusty grit that I have, the mere thought of maintaining what I had achieved was too a belittling thought. Roughly 2 months after I quit, I put on 15 kgs and ever since have been carrying that excess baggage.

Exactly on year back I enrolled myself at a nearby gym to the new place we moved into. This place was in total contrast to what I had encountered in all my previous affiliations. It was a middle-class kind of a gym where you would always run into a similar kind of person as you are( referring to the same physical characteristics), quite, spacious, new and the best of all totally unobtrusive. The trainer would let you do all that you wanted with his expertise jutting in only when asked. It was neat and hygienic and you felt at peace. My tarries here lasted for around 3 months during which I neither gained nor lost anything.

Finally, I have decided again to get back to working on my body, thanks to an unsolicited and nasty advice given by a very boorish salesman at Westside. What actually happened was this:

I was casually shopping at Westside one evening when a sudden desire to get a new pair of loose-antift jeans blew over me. I decided to try one out and when I proceeded with my regular size 32” pair, the over helpful salesman hounded me to the changing rooms as if I was about to commit blasphemy, and with a very sorry face requested me to get my size verified once. I was very confident about my waist and happily confronted him that I had been always buying 32” size and that they are a perfect fit for me. With an even sadder face he put his tape and confirmed to my horror that I was a size 35” and that in order to have a proper comfort fit, I should try on a size 36”. Then followed a whisper of a unsolicited remark-advice-suggestion-remark-mock that made me go ……

Not getting into anything nasty, I have finally decide to get back to my normal waistline. So, today morning I landed at my previous gym and had a go at the treadmills-joggers-ab-crunchers etc. So far so good. Lets see how long this lasts…

Some thing that caught my attention today:

Signboard at a Texas ranch:

Trespassers will be shot!

Survivors will be shot again!!!

Wondering how a Texan got this creative???

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7 thoughts on “Gym Saga”

  1. Whoa! You decided to go public with this post.. Interesting!

    Hilarious blog; eclectic.. but hilarious nevertheless.

    Carry on!

    And, sorry about the unsolicited comment. I thought it was alright.

  2. hey,

    Nice to hear from you…

    Link from chaitu’s comment huh???

    Did not intend to go public, not yet anyways.

    Pretty dumb of me but, wat the hell.


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