Happy Independence Day

Its been 10days here in US now and it seems a long time already. Independence day today and the motions of watching of patriotic video’s on Youtube and google are in full flow.

Missing INDIA already and for all the glamour and convenience here there is no place like home.

Haven’t heard so much telugu music in all my life as I have in the last 10days and haven’t appreciated what I had back home as much as I am now.

Its a wonderful country, this America but for all it has and all it stands there is a certain sadness that I feel for this place. Some people are very happy & rich, most are poor and don’t give a shit but something that I understand of this place is that it is a self-destructing country. More on why I feel so later but for now, am taking in the sounds and sights of this place and enjoying every bit of it.

Finally, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, the malls, 50-cent is original 50 Cent band in flesh n so on… all done and over with. Movie halls are small but empty, women are hot especially the latin chicas and the cars are all I ever wanted to see… but they are all wasted now…

Slogging abt 8-9hrs everyday to save up for the next sem fees and in the process of looking out for a car soon… def need one here and am feeling chained without one…

Will post soon abt more in US but for now… In America!

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