I am in love… finally!

1yr and counting and I must say… I am falling in love California. Much to HER consternation I must add.

Its big, it’s got literally everything – food, terrain, the ocean, views and most importantly amazing people! Well, I just had to give some time I guess.

Only let down is the complete lack of friends here… it’s lonely most of the times so driving is the only real friend I seem to have made. But what an awesome place to drive… the road has never disappointed me here. Also, it’s darned expensive to make a life here but hopefully, someday, the rewards may be fitting.

My dad would love it here… only place in the US that I think he will be comfortable spending a little time… hopefully this happens soon!


BTW, my idea of the state from the album above was so diff… the truth atleast in the bay is quite contrary! I was wrong, for the better for me! 🙂

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