I, MBA from Amrika mama…

There is absolutely no co-relation of certain elements in the world that you feel is a must to make certain things happen.

An example is pursuing higher education in a foreign land. I always felt that there is a certain quality that is a must to be able to face the challenges offered in a distant land, and to be able to cope up with the rigors of a curriculum that is deemed challenging.

But after 9 months and countless encounters with people who constantly amaze me, i have come to the realization that all it takes is a line in the hand, certain planetary positions, a few well placed amulets on certain body parts and some monetary offering to a few desired idols and behold… u shall attain all that you want.

It is the truth.

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4 thoughts on “I, MBA from Amrika mama…”

  1. I bet.. it takes a single moment.. that just changes life.. No education, no nothing. But, on the second thought education can help!


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