If this is grad life…

Open my eyes stunned that its 6am already. Look out of the window – another horrible cold and damp day.

Shower, Piss, Brush and whatever else simultaneously… heat up the coffee in the mean time but u know it sucks… $1.99 Coffee is what u need to wake u up.

Hit the lab after 15mins of walk. I like to walk, I am alone then… I sing out loud.

Work on the deadline that’s at 12am. Its 7:30am then and curse every RA/TA/GA out there who sends out these assignments at jet speed to make up for what ever he/she went through in their initial sems.

CTRL+C, CTRL+V Rules! I am good at this art….

Hit the class, finish up assignments, studying done – hit the pool. The old man in the lane next to me does 50laps and I tire out after a couple. He smiles at me, utters a word of encouragement and gives up. He knows I am there cos I want to relax, not tire myself out.

I love the coffee that I have at this time. Its black, its strong and the punk girl who serves it up at our “twisted café” never rolls her eyes when I say – large, black, hot and straight up.

Class at 1pm. Snore time now, esp. because of the dimmed out lights. Laptops are fun in class. A Chinese girl watches her anime’s when the lecture is on. Never knew anime’s are so cool.

Hit cafeteria at 2:30pm. I am still surprised that inspite of such a strong desi presence, there are a very few cafeteria desi regulars. Cheese Pizza and Extra Large latte now… am bored of that shit.

Study time, try to finish the assignment due for 12am in the night. Allrite, its just one a day, so if there’s a deadline in the afternoon then there is none in the night.

5pm – Job Starts. Slog. This is the best time I have. My work to earn my living makes me feel like I am absolutely a zilch and that I have to work from the lowest ebb of this world.

Work usually ends at 2 or 3am. Get home. Netflix is a grt thing in America. Watch a movie that all my flat mates curse and hit the sack at 4am.

Days on which I am off is even more tedious. Laundry, Ironing, Sleep to cover for the whole week, study a bit longer and yes- have a little fun. And when I squeeze in all these into a single day, the intervening night was just never there…

If this is grad life… then it ‘s certainly something that I needed!

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8 thoughts on “If this is grad life…”

  1. he he he…. sounds like you’re having fun. I never look forward to this kind of schedule… I like to do things at my pace, 10 months into this new job, and i’ve used all the leaves I could get… looks like the “sincere” me is no-where to be seen now :-))

  2. Thank you for sharing such an insight into a grad student’s life. It puts things into perspective for people like me.

    But you should seriously get more sleep.. I donno how, but yeah.. some more. 4 am to 6 am is hardly anything to sleep into. I day dream more hours in a day :p

    P.S. And you iron your clothes, everyday!! Damn..

  3. These is a frank reply to you,
    It needs guts to write and done only by few!!!

    Whats so stunning if you wake up by 6am,
    you are not the only one!
    &what if its a cold and damp day?
    Hey just go out and have some fun!

    Speaking about coffee is not an issue
    better wake up, take bath and clean yourself up with a tissue!

    We consider people mad,
    who sing without a meaning!
    walking up and down the street! Yo chill dude,
    You need to get some rest under your ceiling!!

    Working should be your priority
    & to complete your assignment in time,
    nay, losers are those people who blame the GA/Teachers,
    its a ladder you got to climb!

    these stupid short cuts are used only by few,
    Mr Bill made it just for lazy people like you!!!!!

    Have some shame and stop speaking about the pool yo,
    may be the old man needs to give you a push or a tow!!!

    Coffee,Coffee,Coffee, i think you are obssed with it,
    may be you find it only in your glittering “twisted cafe”,
    Just dont mess around with the waitress there,
    Remember you gotta play it “very safe”!

    1pm is the time 4 u to sleep,
    let it be chinese, turkish or japanese,
    u got to concentrate on your classes man,
    in others business- why do you like to peep!!??

    Please stop studyin and leave the class,
    Cafiteria is the place 4u to be…
    the lecturers would have some peace without you,
    and you would definitely save some fee!!!

    Oh! Now even you have started to slog???
    Do you know this word..?…
    It definitely makes you a bit active,
    @least do you knw how to solve problems based on surds??

    What netflix provides you,
    You aint get nowher else!!
    coz you could only understand such stupid movies,
    without any meaing,content,without any base or shelf!!!

    Finally, you stop cursing the days of the week,
    Got has made them so beautiful…
    Accept that you are a lazy meat,
    and hey chill yo! You just need to beat the heat!!

  4. b4 cursin da day ahed check yo self 4 bedbug bites

    brushin afta shwr ……sounds good, but pissin afta shwr- i gotta try it myself 2 write abt

    now did ya 4get abt the $1.37 coke to give u a cafeine boost

    luv 2 wak… u d better hire a cab evry day n hav holes in ya pokets

    singin aloud is da best way to take out ya frustation…..i really appreciate u

    instead of cursin ya GAs RAs n some other Aass u betta try to patofy them

    if u like chineese gals say it straight dude. even i like them for a few minutes.

    dont mislead the poor readers telln abt old men n shit i know u go there for gals in bikinis.

    da coffee is gotta b gud but dude its notta ‘punk’ gal call her a chick fella

    boss i never knew u so dumb….if there r no samosas n chai who da fk did u think is gonna stay in the god damn cafeteria….eh?

    boss y ru so worried abt the assnment ? chill da fk out ..no code is 100% bug-free!
    bug ya GAs n proffesor sayin that.

    i know ur a smart ass y do u wanna slog ya ass n feel gr8 abt it? even a dumbo like me could slog like u so beat it man

    i dont curse u 4 watchin the movies but dont bug others explaining what u gained.

    know what, stop bathing n u save 30min every day that way u save 3hrs if u bath on sundays, then go to laundry once a fortnite u got 2 extra hrs finally if u could try sleepin in da loo n sleep for 15×7=105 minutes every week!!!!

    no doubt this is grad life…..contemplating ur futile efforts to enjoy in this alien land

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