In a new avatar!

Phew!!! Presenting the website in iteration 1 2!

Last couple of weekends, I have put a lot of time into tweaking templates.Β  I wanted something with good typography and while maintaining some form of a relaxed layout but apparently, simplicity is the most difficult to achieve. In a display of geek bravado, I now have mirrors and dev sites running locally on my system and it looks like I have to build something on my own or at least modify this template a lot, which means I finally have to learn wordpress.

It’s funny how simple wordpress really is to configure and considering the resources available, it feels so simple to just create anything with it but the more you dig deep, the complicated it is. I have delayed the urge to master WP functions but it looks inevitable now. I want a more lucid layout, more space, more typesetting and most importantly, something really simple. I was surprised how difficult it is.

Hope you like this layout and stay tuned for more tweaks. πŸ™‚

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