Joy of Coding [Right]

 10years back, when my journey of undergraduate studies began in the Computer Science program, my coursework in programming over 4 years was as follows:

  1. Introduction to C
  2. C & Data Structures
  3. Advanced C / C++
  4. Java
  5. Advanced Java.

I cannot thank how much C programming was useful to get to understand important concepts like inheritance, recursion etc., but at some stage, I just lot interest due to how unintuitive the tools were to code beautiful applications. As much as C/C++ and Java are critical for bill-paying jobs and projects, they were just not fluid enough to come home to challenge myself to cool things. Coding for some is a way to make money, for me it has been a way to solve problems and test my ability to understand a device a way to hack things.

And then came the phase where I totally gave up programming as business development and project delivery became very interesting.  But coming from a computer science background, not solving web technology challenges felt like I was running away from being who I was – a hacker at heart who had to tinker with code to make cool things. And not having a direction in the evenings after work was plain old boring.

Last year, I finally got out of the slacking rut and looked around for programming tools that would intuitively make sense. That’s why I found Ruby & Rails and the community that is out there making some really cool amazing apps. Combine that with MySQL, CouchDB, Heroku and you can solve any social, analytic, video, photo-sharing problems or challenges out there.


I will get into more details on each of the tools that I use in later post but here is what I will leave it for now – for any like-minded hackers out there who want to do something for themselves and are open to investing 3 months of their life to learn new technical skills, I highly recommend giving Ruby/Rails and good hard look. The amount of support available to get something working and live is amazing and if you have an idea that you want to implement, like let’s say mine which was movie selection tool, you can go from design to deploying a skeletal app in less than a week. And it’s all free.

Start by reading this and very soon, you will have a link to most of the tools above. Happy coding right!

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