Limitations Vs Possibilities

Can it be true that the creator, having gone through this whole trouble of executing such a wonderful and coherent creation, will be so blithe to restrict the growth of the brain in actually realizing and finding the creator?

Is the whole premise wrong or is it that the very existence of the thought about the creator and creation a proof enough to say that the mind is limitless and it will/shall reach the boundaries of truth when its time too.

Again, should there be a time limit and should it actually happen? The development of human thought, I mean…

Is the sum total of forces inside the system equivalent to the sum total of energy of the system?

— Some of the thoughts inside me.

I think I am at fault at the premise itself, cos if that’s not the case, I would be headed somewhere. The problem for me begins with the interpretation of what is Right and Wrong. Of course they are relative and Right or Wrong achieve that status through convenience of the people making the judgment. The victor writes the history – it’s the same here too. Truth is but a justification of the common interest and it never, ever will be justified to satiate everybody.

Coming back to the premise – Are we capable, metamorphically equipped to deal with the whole truth about everything. Can we solve this non-linear, non-homogeneous inequality in ‘n’ terms? It’s possible. It should.

Logic tells us that we have come this far in the quest and we are definitely proud of this fact. But should the finality, the whole comprehension of everything-happen? …and then, is it valid. I mean, what’s the point in going on… living, if we solve the premise completely?

Mom argues about the necessity for at least some to comprehend that whole truth and then come back to lead the ignorant. But is the truth not so enlightening that the purpose to come back at all should still remain? I mean, should not everything look futile if the truth about the truth is finally out?

Belief, as it has been drilled into me, is still the one that exerts the total pressure to take on the right/wrong depending upon where you stand. What if the belief is itself in doubt. How do you believe something that cannot be proved, something that only appeals to the senses as the right thought. Training can do wonders on even the most dull of the creations and implanting truths is probably the most easiest of all. As some one put it, every fool and coward can speak of the truth, only the keen and astute student can actually lie and that too convincingly.

So there goes the above mechanism down the drain, this too. So, what is the real deal? Is it there at all or is all this just a joke? All these concepts of evolution, intelligent design, supreme divine have been wonderfully concocted over the generations, perfectly tailored to fit most of the routes of thought process. And in how many ways can this evolved mind of the present homo-sapiens, with all the distractions and vagaries, come up with theories to solve this huge puzzle. My point, are we on the right track at all.

In the ‘beginning’ of these ‘beganinings’ something must have ‘began’? Or is providence such a secret but illuminated path that there is no beginning or ending to it? A concept not very clear but plausible. But how do we even know we are on that path. What if we are drifting away on some route that isn’t even remotely in the same plane as the real path? What if we have blindly adopted the faith of our ancestors, struck to the path that they mapped, traveled so far on it that the present mind-evolved on this conditioning-is devoid of the parameters to come up with anything but bordering on the present direction? Are we in a alley, dark but comfortable that will hit a dead wall?

If this is the true path of the journey, then how are we to come up with the parameters to interpret the chaos that surrounds us? Logic is a spiral, always expanding and going only up. Does the present logic satisfy me? Actually it does in 90% of the cases. Perfect logic is the basis for anything to grow profound for such a long time. But can it be that there does exist a system, oblivious to our logic, that feeds the parameters that promulgates this perfect logic… yup! I am not making sense…

But these thoughts are still spiraling in me. Is it good to let them on unchecked? Reason and Logic border on belief… I hope at least one tenet becomes clearer…

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395 thoughts on “Limitations Vs Possibilities”

  1. Logic has limitations. Not everything can be explained. Some things are undefined. 0 divided by 0 is undefined. 0 multiplied by infinity is undefined. Why does light travel as fast as it does? Why does the Planck’s constant have the value it does? You can keep dividing 22 by 7 to get the value of pi but you can never finish the division. Why?

    There’s no answer. There can be no answer. Likewise, I dont think there is no answer to the Big Question. Even if there were an answer, I think we humans, mere humans, creatures who can think only in 3 dimensions out of a mathematically proven 10, wont be able to comprehend it.

    Vedic philosophy: Maya. Everything is Maya. Everything is just plain nothing. The Cosmos is just a manifestation of Brahma’s dreams in his sleep!

    In other words, stop worrying too much about it and enjoy life! 😀

  2. Logic has limitations. Not everything can be explained. Some things are undefined. 0 divided by 0 is undefined. 0 multiplied by infinity is undefined. Why does light travel as fast as it does? Why does the Planck’s constant have the value it does? You can keep dividing 22 by 7 to get the value of pi but you can never finish the division. Why?

    There’s no answer. There can be no answer. Likewise, I dont think there is no answer to the Big Question. Even if there were an answer, I think we humans, mere humans, creatures who can think only in 3 dimensions out of a mathematically proven 10, wont be able to comprehend it.

    Vedic philosophy: Maya. Everything is Maya. Everything is just plain nothing. The Cosmos is just a manifestation of Brahma’s dreams in his sleep!

    In other words, stop worrying too much about it and enjoy life! 😀

  3. @Ravi,

    LoL!! Sorry, that was at the physics/math.

    I admit.. I stopped reading halfway.. I found it all a lil decrepit.

    But Chaitu seemed to like it. So all’s good.

    Frankly, I thought you were above such petty questions. Anyway, let me know when you find the answers.

    My way (Sinatra)’s playing on my headphones. Irony huh, or is it?


    Mere humans, you say?? (*Hmmphfh) And who says I cannot imagine in 10D, I just learnt tensor algebra aided behavioral science, last term.

  4. @Ravi,

    LoL!! Sorry, that was at the physics/math.

    I admit.. I stopped reading halfway.. I found it all a lil decrepit.

    But Chaitu seemed to like it. So all’s good.

    Frankly, I thought you were above such petty questions. Anyway, let me know when you find the answers.

    My way (Sinatra)’s playing on my headphones. Irony huh, or is it?


    Mere humans, you say?? (*Hmmphfh) And who says I cannot imagine in 10D, I just learnt tensor algebra aided behavioral science, last term.

  5. if the reason is known then wat is the point in living??? there will be no point in living… now that we r here, lets do our bit…
    All the world’s a stage, is it not????

  6. if the reason is known then wat is the point in living??? there will be no point in living… now that we r here, lets do our bit…
    All the world’s a stage, is it not????

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