Looking forward to…

Now that the formula 1 season has begun and the championship is finally wide open this year with Jenson also matching up to expectations, there is finally some respite from boredom.

Having successfully completed the entire Oscar nominated movies, most I must add have been a let down except for GN, GL., I was fearing boredom that would eventually grip me.

T.V has effectively become a medium of non-entertainment with nothing but Amitabh re-run’s and Amitabh’s ads all around.

Now that cricket’s telecasting right’s will never be given to ESPN-STAR, the only channel which has commentator’s who can speak with some conviction about the game, looking forward to the day’s highlight’s or re-run’s is also not an option. I would rather follow it online through blogs or cric-info. Atleast I will have some humor to keep me going.

Also coming up are the finals of Champs League that are turning out to be interesting. Real’s out (SAD!), but more importantly, there is no MAN U and a host of other English Clubs, so that will make the game beautiful rather than fast and furious. Also my Pondy trip yeilded loads of 3-in-1 dvd’s for as cheap as 40 bucks, so that should be enough for a month or so.

All in all, looking forward to some entertainment… atleast till the Set Top Box rule is not here in HYD.

On a totally different note, following the war for news blog has really enthused me to follow all the three english news channel’s frequently, or atleast I try. Heard that in the coming weeks, all the 3 channels are going all out for some pretty amazing exclusive coverage’s about some really interesting facets about India. That should also be interesting…

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