Lost in Kind

I live with Indians. Goto school but now i hardly have classes and the professor I work for is a Chinese so there is no contact there. My car has the same hindi/telugu or the same english rock/pop music that I had back home, I fill gas at unearthly hours so there is no contact.

I shop at nights and prefer drive thru’s for my coffee. The only starbucks I like is deserted 90% of the time. I go to Indian Restaurants because of convenience and Mexican is the maximum I can have thanks to my veggie preferences.

My office is a wonderful place cos I have a world to myself and my interaction with my colleagues is on need-to-need basis. At the site I meet a lot of engineers who finally are American and that’s probably the only place where I meet them.

What I am talking about is sometimes I feel I am not at all in a different country. I am surrounded so much by everything Indian that I have to remind myself that I am in a foreign land.

This happens a lot. After driving for 2hrs listening to telugu music, I get transported to the other world. At a stop sign I finally get a glimpse of another soul and that’s when it hits me… the person in the other car has no clue of the music that’s coming from my side. Its weird.

My boss and I speak a lot about this and I feel the only way out is to totally loose the whole Indian thing, for a while atleast. How else will I learn or experience the ideology here… I can’t afford it yet, but someday… unlearn and relearn all this that this country is made of. Capitalism, Football and Capitalism.

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4 thoughts on “Lost in Kind”

  1. hmm…deja vu. but I am not really sure if I want to lose the Indian thing.. comfort-in-the-familiar syndrome

  2. LOL Ananth… World Series man, still struck on UEFA and F1.

    Old habits. Long time sir! How have you been?

    Leena: Try loosing it… its difficult but am sure u ll love it.

  3. I shall suggest you to play Swades’ Des song on that deck more often.. =p

    Also, I don’t understand.. are you advocating losing the Indianity (sic) or loosening it?

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