Love at first sight

A grand wedding.

Trapped in one of those awkward social gatherings where the ever inquisitive aunt wants to know how much you earn and when you will be going to USA, dad’s childhood friends silently nudging you to tell them whether you plan to settle “there” or come back, you just can’t stop wondering why people can’t leave you alone.

The people who you meet for the first time need to be briefed about your qualifications, the reason for the choice of your college and branch in your Engg, your “GPA” cos that’s what the honorable gentleman’s/woman’s son/daughter studying at a fancy college in the “States” refer to percentage and also why you working here when you ought to be pursuing your master’s in the “US of A”.

God only should know what is it with people’s obsession about going “there”. Why the hell can’t they give us some time, we can reach there through our job too, masters after work-ex or for that matter why should you go there at all… neways…

In between all this social rigmarole and the regaling tales of how so and so’s kid is doing wonderful “there”, you catch a glimpse of a really beautiful girl, standing at the edge of the portico, all alone and staring into the darkness.

Beautiful, strong and independent, she gives you the reason to actually bear all the people around you, gives you the will to stay back and gives you the reason for going through the motions of exchanging pleasantries with “friends” whom you give a shit about…

All the while the only thing you really want is for her to glance at you, smile at you, talk to you.. and ..

Nothing seems to happen and then you forget about her, sigh at your fate and continue with those awkward conversations.

Half an hour of idle talk with kids ½ your age, aunts thrice your age and you are about to go insane when you catch her giving you a curious look. She turns her head away the moment she realizes you caught her but then you catch her again from time to time.

Another half an hour later, after both of you realize that both of you know what is happening and you finally muster the courage to walk up to her, she leads you to a silent corner and you can’t believe your luck.

Here you are, with the girl whom you were crazy about the whole evening, liked every quality in her that you managed to observe, the way she moves, the courtesy she shows to everyone around her, how people flock around her yet she retains her space, rarely uttering a word but talking only with her charming smile, you are absolutely dying to get to know her…

Love at first sight…

When you finally get to the point of breaking the silence, she conveys to you very smoothly that she cannot speak, that she never could, but she understands that you really want to…

She stands there with a smile on her face, a smile that is so meaningful yet so melancholic, you are lost. Lost for words, actions … just lost…

What do you do in such situations…what do you say.. how do you react?

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8 thoughts on “Love at first sight”

  1. wat do i tell…u seem to tell the most difficult things so easily…u shd write a novel even if it doesnt sell u ve to write it for me n as to ur question wat do u do?…i think i wud ve married her..imagine ur wife has everythin u want n she doesnt spk..heaven for me

  2. Papam… that is why I dont like God if there is one. He’s not fair to everyone. Why did he have to make her dumb?

    What would I do? I’d try to talk to her as much as possible and try to interpret some of her sign language and understand her. She’ll be happy if you can understand her.

    Or you can probably go a little hitech.. sms and all : )

  3. Maybe u can learn a bit of sign language and try communicating wit her.. She’d really appreciate that. Or else just move on with your life. Remember.. Everything happens for a reason.. everything..

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