Love in Boston

And it was raining that day…

On a clear thursday morning a boy with a black branded T-Shirt gets off a bus in Syracuse, NY. Happy Days playing loudly on his branded Apple IPOD, he sways to old times. Love is in the air and he is out there to claim it.

The girl says no at first but the boy who believes in Mani Sir’s interpretation of Love puts his foot down and thunder’s – “Come With Me!”. The girl meekly follows. Taking a long bus ( branded off course.. duhh!) ride through the long winding freeways of upstate NY, the boy cannot seem to get rid of the visions of every Illayaraja composition with a little bit of Talvin Singh thrown in. Only if there was Grey Goose ( $30 per 500ml) vodka to go with the setting and ohh… holy j(h)esus friggin christ, don’t foget the orange juice ( Not Canned, but fresh ).

The bus finds its way to the new love city of Martin Scorsese where the winter chill is just about to bring tender hearts closer to reality of the bad world of love. Our boy leads on to show the wonders of the city that walks like the true namesake of Prema Desam’s ( aka Kadal Desam .- U tamil patronizing snob!!! ) charming “let’s share all” hero. He glorifies the deeds of every back alley film shot in those sub-urban streets with a healthy dose of what Beautiful Minds achieved in the hollowed portals of immortal universities to his sweetheart. Holding Hands they went Good will Hunting until the rain brought out some honest questions which were conveniently not heard thanks to the ofcourse branded IPOD! Shankar Yuvan Raja came handy there.

2 days of bliss… 2 days of final fantasy. The script has all the ingredients but the climax was guessed by all it seems. Too dyamm our boy’s evil twin, the man riding the bike all alone with a swirls of puff coming out to the beats of his oft confused self, Mahesh Babu, was not there to stir up the courage to answer the questions . But they shall be asked when thans giving shall be celebrated at the much hated harbinger of all happiness to our boy, but coming back… 2 days! Ohh those 2 days!

Will the love finally find the right conclusion? Will our Mani “I have no time to write a script” Verma claim his love? Its any body’s guess Ladies and Gentle-Man but lets all pray… pray that this ending has a golden sunset!

P.S: Personal Post.. obv reference’s!

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