My thanksgiving lunch today…

The craving for Andhra food has reached to a hitherto unexperienced extreme this week so I have rolled up my sleeves for this spread…

1) Aratikaya Kura

2) Chitapandu Pulihara

3) Chintapandu Rasam


Overdose of Tamrind I know but this is one ingredient that I have been missing and once I started cooking there was an overdose!

By the way, googling for any one of these recipe’s opened a whole new world of websites for me. The results are pretty fascinating!

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2 thoughts on “My thanksgiving lunch today…”

  1. Yeah. Mee too. Hated when my mom used to take the easy way out to make it with lemon at times. Just not the same.

    One other thing I have realized is how important fire is for cooking southie food. It adds to the taste I guess. And I miss those half-moon bowls!

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