New HCS initiative.

Hyderabad Community Service (HCS), the community that we started in Hyderabad comprising all the volunteers who worked for the MV Foundation (MVF) and the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), is finally underway with its new project of taking daily classes for a group of 100 girls in the age group of 13-16 all of whom were rescued from child labor.


Today the core group finally came together with a concrete plan to take classes for about 6 hours every weekend and I have taken it up as a challenge to take classes’ for atleast 3 days a week so that something concrete can be achieved. The kids are going to be in the camp only till June 3rd so there is loads to be done.


The problem that we as HCS have faced is that we are still trying to get projects that match the high of UNGA and we have been ignoring smaller projects. Today after meeting the kids we felt compelled to get our act together and start this project seriously.


I have been asked this question time and again as to why I want to get this whole NGO thing going on all the time and why I attend all these sessions regularly. For me this thing started as a way to meet new people and get something different going. Meeting beautiful women was of course a definite turn on but now it has reached a stage where this activity is the only thing that is giving me some satisfaction.


Of course we are not achieving anything great but the number of new people that I have met through this community service platform is unbelievable and the kinds that I have met are diverse. For the first time I finally met a guy today who is as much into F1 as I am and that to someone who bashes KIMI and Mclaren and more importantly – a die hard tifosi. Also this guy knows his football and we instantly decided to catch the next FA cup final together. Now this would not have been possible otherwise.


So, it will all start with this weekend session and will have to keep the work going on.


Also in the past month I have been going to the Blank Noise meetings that are an initiative against eve teasing. Had 2 brain storming sessions up to date but I am still not convinced about the idea. I will post about the whole Blank Noise initiative later.


Shameless piece of publicity:


Any one in Hyderabad who is free and who is willing to spend sometime teaching poor kids Basic English or any other stuff or willing to lend a voice for the underprivileged, please get in touch with me. The aim is to spend the free time that we may have during the weekends fruitfully and work with a bunch of wonderful people. Everyone is also welcome to join the Blank Noise initiative too which deals with more of a campaign to promote awareness that eve teasing is punishable.

Looking forward to hearing from some…


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26 thoughts on “New HCS initiative.”

  1. Goood boy!

    Too bad I wont be staying back at Hyd 🙁

    Anyway, while I’m there, I’d like to meet some of those kids. Me and teaching -> liiightu… but I’ll see if I can do something.

  2. glad to know yr taking this up agn… UNGA was a long time back… hightime u did something like this agn…
    i can spend time anytime after may 25 to june 15… would love doing something worthwhile…. let me know if i can be of help… presuming u think that i can speak a fair bit of english:(

  3. Ravi!
    Good for u and the kids..
    nice to know of this philo side of urs..
    keep it going..
    sorry, me cant help..
    u know am just a few 100kms away;-)

  4. Chaitu, exam crack maar aur aaja, time pass karenge. The kids are awesome and the type of work we can do is also interesting. Looking forward to it. 🙂

    Praty: I guess the above applies to you to. Finish what u started, take a week off and then be around for the last week’s classes. Planning loads of role-plays so it should be a fun last week.

    Ananth: Firstly, thanks for that amazing lunch and company in chennai man! It was really nice of you to take time off and meeting me.

    About the work, philo side or not, we want to get some project or the other going. Weekends are really boring and social like in hyd is at best bearable.

    Incase ur coming to hyd in the next onth or so, I would be glad to take u around te camp and show you some really good work that the foundation is doing.

    Once again, Thanks!

  5. hey, your blog is just like your attitude…straight forward 🙂

    anyway, make a plan for the 13th…the reds are in scortching form right now, dont wanna miss the action.

    And unlike the UCL final, this time I can and will screeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!


  6. kris, man yes. Will plan well for 13th. A few of the pubs may have gaint screens put up so it should’nt be too difficult.

    Go Reds!!!

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