New Yahoo Homepage.

The new yahoo homepage that I have been hearing for a while now is finally out. It looks slick all right but I still don’t get why Yahoo doesn’t get rid of this congested look.

Have read a lot about comparisons of AOL and Yahoo home-pages prior to Google but I guess the days of reflecting the ‘company’s culture in your face’ is over. Yes, AOL is all about networking and Yahoo is all encompassing one-stop-portal to the world, but for a long time now the WEB-DIRECTORY used to get on my nerves. Yahoo should find a way to get around this.

But come what may, Google’s homepage ROCKS! There no-nonsense clutter free homepage and sensible search tools render it the most effective one in this date.

P.S: The new yahoo homepage does not work in Mozilla. So, please search for IE on your comp to check it out. 🙂

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