On Le Tour and the Lord’s Test

“When he gets a four off a thick edge, you assume he meant to steer the ball between second and fourth slip” – Stephen Fay @ Independent on Sachin Tendulkar.

I don’t watch a lot of cricket these days so in the world of self anointed patriots & pundits, I have no credentials to speak of Dravid’s ton yesterday or about what I hope to be a thrilling day of India’s batting. But can I say it was soothing to watch test cricket after a long time and that it is at lords with India on the ropes is even better. We will fight back and the prospect of watching Dravid, Laxman & Sachin partner for a day to take the match away from England is enough to wake me up at 3AM and relax in front of a live feed.

Plus its great to listen to Harsha Bogle doing what he does best. His prediction on twitter was spot on with he giving India 130overs to bat and the declaration coming right around that time. Plus he taking on Saurav behind the mike while watch Dravid and Laxman bat is as close we will get to hearing gentleman’s cameradrie.

Cadel Evens wins the tour this year. Congratulations for a deserving win and also to the Schelck brothers to take 2nd & 3rd. No mean achievement this, the fight up Alp’du Hez was really grueling. Sad to see Contador finish 5th but I think winning the Giro just took away that little bit out of him. He will be back next year but I am sure Andy Schleck will be right up there to challenge him.

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