Over the last 5 years, I have had the opportunity to work on and solve some very challenging technical and business challenges. Below are the papers the summarize the problem and the solutions we have come up with.

1. High Performing, Lean, Aligned Team Building

  • Problem: How to build high performing, high output teams that are small and cost-efficient.
  • Role: Leader & Manager.

2. Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • Problem 1: Automating code delivery to be real time and feature based by implementing Continuous Integration & Delivery Processes.
  • Problem 2: Transforming a high cost unmotivated team to be a lean, high performing automation team by leveraging OnShore/Off-Shore 24/7 availability strategy.
  • Role: Manager/Consultant, Software Configuration and Release Management.

3. Healthcare Services Application Rationalization – Technology Integration

  • Problem: Rationalizing multiple point-to-point Healthcare IT Systems to speak a common language and integrate accross the end-end spectrum.
  • Role: Technology Consultant, Healthcare Services