1-0 Arsenal

Its for matches like these that you actually ruin a day at office, stay awake all night in a hope that your favourite team will atleast put up a decent performance. With a combined talent of two of the largest football playing continents, it is basic for the players to put up a decent ball play. And when its Arsenal vs Real Madrid, you can only feel sad at the quality of the game on display today.

What the hell were the forwards of Madrid thinking? You can’t wait for your defenders to feed the ball to you right at the goal post irrespective of how expensive you are or how popular you are.

I understand that its probably the most important match and that all the top stars are trying to show that they are putting on a hundred percent, but guys, showing off will not get you anywhere…

Hats of to Arsenal for such a gutsy performance. Great to finally see an english club playing with a Europen Style!

Thanks to the lack of initiative of ESPN-STAR, there was no coverage of the Munich – Milan match. 4-1 to Milan. And the worst part – there are no re-runs…

I was reading somewhere that UEFA is not interested in brodcasting in India because of the lack of enthu among Indians towards the European game. Apparently there are more people out here who want to watch Blackburn vs Ipswich on a saturday evening rather than Munich vs Milan or Juve vs Barca… interesting ain’t it…

On such an important night in Europe, STAR was actually brodcasting a re-run of an old EPL game when there were 3 other high profile matches in progress. Why such a bias towards EPL? The league is far below the standards set by Serie A, La Liga and even Bundesliga. Then why such constant beaming of inconsequential and low profile matches?

Who actually decides these broadcasts? Does some kind of research actually go in before the schedules are decided? Is there anything called television for the paying customer at all?

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