Loving Work!

Simple checklist of why I love the work I do:

  1. I am truly passionate about the work. I really believe in it and I love it!
  2. I get to take on work that I like, work when I like and generally control all aspects of my life (with & without work)
  3. I don’t have to worry about un-necessary stuff. Meetings, events, politics.
  4. I get paid very well for the work I do and the talent I possess.
  5. I have a good life, all things considering!


So simple, yet so difficult.

In the last 3days, I have walked closed to 15miles. That’s all I did. Just walked 4 times in the last 3 days, 45mins on the treadmill – resisting the urge to run or lift waits or think about routines. Just walk.

Its boring! It feels idiotic but mostly, it feels useless. It feels like I am wasting my time and it feels like I could be getting so much value doing something else.


For once I want to give this a shot. 3miles everyday for a month. I will read fiction or non-fiction and not think about if its adding value or not but just showing up and doing it right and doing it everyday! Small steps, simple progress forward; continuous improvements. That’s what I tell my clients anyways…

Home Buying: Lessons and Experiences

Saw a house we fell in love with in the middle of May; had the lowest offer among the bidders but a letter to do with FC Barcelona and FC Liverpool did the trick, went through ups and downs of inspections, contingencies, appraisals and about 12days past supposed closing date, signed the papers. Keys in hand and some celebration. Home Ownership, phew!

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Mandolin Shrinivas – Rest in Music

Call it the bane of living away from what affects one’s heart a lot. 4 months late; just found out about the passing of Mandolin Shrinivas last September (thanks to this dedication by Amit Trivedi).

My first recollection of hearing Shrinivas was during the Sunday 10AM Doordarshan’s Spirit of Unity Concerts from Madras Telugu Academy in early 90’s mostly with Shankar Mahadevan & a lot of young kids. The first I saw him live was during Remember Shakti’s winter India tour where they performed at Hyderabad’s Taramati Baradri sometime in 02/03.

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