Is it just an universal truth that earlier generations always seem to have matured and taken on responsibilities earlier than the current generation? Or an other way to ask is, lack of any tangibles or incentives means that you can push back the realization that you are indeed an adult and that some responsibilities you just cannot ignore!

Barca were probably slightly better out there today but what a exciting first half?! Looks like Jose found the combination out there even though Ozil was magical in the last 20. Would be interesting if Jose is thinking of bringing on Ozil as first change to preserve his legs.

Should Barca have had another penalty? I think Casillas had it covered.


Worked on a few plugins and templates this weekend and now I have this Lightbox plugin to display images in this very template. I have a sample gallery setup that I will fill up extensively over the next few days.  Just click on the image and you can navigate the whole set using the arrow keys.

Hope you like it and please tell me if it is otherwise.

We, the freaks!

I think now that there is nothing wrong with the world. The whole wide world is fine and is correct.

I think it’s us – me & a few close pals of mine who are the freaks here when we keep cribbing abt life and world in general.

It’s our logic and common sense that’s flawed… the world’s correct and is the best place to be in.

We are the misfits…

HCS: Week 1 Review

The first week of our new HCS initiative is over and we are very satisfied with the way things have shaped up so far. There are a few logistical and agenda issues but they should be sorted out by next week.

As I mentioned in the last post, I made it a point to go to the classes on all weekdays to take up regular Xth class English syllabus and to get them started up with the subject. I could not exactly keep up that word as I missed two days but I nevertheless completed the first lesson “The King & the Tamarind Drum” and some grammar in 3 days. It was one hell of an experience as this was the first time I was taking a full fledged class and had to be prepared with notes and stuff.

The weekend thing is also coming along great as we could get around 7-8 volunteers to come on Saturday and Sunday to take spoken English classes. We have started upon with the role plays and the science projects should begin soon.

I have some pictures up here of the actual classrooms and the kids. Please bear with the quality of the snaps as there are only shot with a 1.3 mega pixel mobile camera. The real- time faces of the kids convey a lot more than you can see here.

A particular kid in my class is always gloomy and never does her work. She is sad because she left her job in a factory that earned her Rs.1500. Now, the lack of that money means her family consisting of a single mom and 3 kid siblings have that much less to eat. She looked into my eyes and told me this and all I could do was turn my head away. She is awesome when you speak to her about her views on politics and how these so called rehabilitation agencies treat her, but when it comes to English, she’s just not interested.

There are quite a few tales there that are full of misery and pain, but what keeps these kids going is the that they have realized that the world out there is a much darker place and very soon they have to go back in there and fight it out. For them this is but a pit stop before they get back in.

Week 2 starting tomorrow and I have a poem and a lesson to complete… Go Schumi!!!