Random Thoughts – Flying Home

Written at Heathrow on 07/14 at 3am PST.

1. If we were to be the 2nd largest race in the world, someone should have told our ancestors to imbibe common sense and basic courtesies.

2. All Indian wanna be mothers should be sent to a course where 3 things which start with Having Kids –
– Does not enable you to break all civic laws;
– It is basic civility to be able to control your kids irrespective of how uncomfortable the situations;
– Don’t have kids when you are barely an adult your self.

3. Some people really fear flying – its not something you read in books.

4. Football game crowds are an indication of people in general.

5. If there is one reason why I should feel blessed to live in California; esp SFO/Berekley – it should be the weather!!!

6. I should make it a point to accumulate more air miles in Virgin. It’s the only airline that suits the iphone/prius lifestyle.

7. It is pointless to advocate Berkeley liberalism to beautiful French women.

8. It is pointless to advocate anything Berkeley to ANYONE!

9. Bad hair and oily skins are 2 gifts some are born with. There is no Clinique out there – even in duty free.

10. Reading a little about everything without actually mastering one thing can only get you one drink.

11. Receding waist line is a milestone. It is worth celebrating.

12. There are friendly women out there… I just happen to have lived in the 2 countries that they are rare in.

13. I just ran into a starbucks that did not have COFFEE. I swear. There really is a reason to shout out – Are you kidding me?!?!?

14. There are very few problems in the world that don’t have a simple reason –
– Middle East anger – Its hot and there is precious little water.
– Least taxes paid by biggest corporates – Everyone dreams of being a millionaire.
– Kashmir – For 30yrs, Indian govt screwed with the locals of the valley.
– 11 Months of 40hr weeks and still in debt – The idiotic case of instant gratification.
– Paranoia of Communism – Stupidity. Really.
– Me complaining about constantly about the lack of common sense of Indians – Being messed up in that tennis changing room when I was 12.

15. There is only so much luck in that you have in your lifetime. Should’nt waste them.

16. Turing from a blackberry to the iphone ‘man’ feels great! The option to slide towards a power down feels so good.

17. Wisdom comes with great learning and a greater desire to learn.

18. The amount of patience is inversely proportional to the number of zeros in your bank.

19. Safety in numbers inhibits learning and experiencing.

20. Writing is therapeutic! Writing statements like the former are cliché’s. This is so much a circle!

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