Rant : Time

Life in America is all about time. You can probably buy everything with money and have everything in life, but one thing that you can never ever have enough of is time.
Day in day out, the pace of life is the only thing that you need to get adjusted to. People out here have absolutely no time and the chaos that’s around you when you don’t have time to perform basic biological actions for a second time in a day, that’s whn you know you are absolutely out of time.

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7 thoughts on “Rant : Time”

  1. Oh boy, but it is very important that you strive hard and save time for two very significant acitivies, without which your health – physical and mental – may be harmed in this age of “dont have enough time” – sleep and sex.


  2. Dude, you’re a hyderabadi… you guys are supposed to be laid-back… live upto your reputation and do not suck up to what USofA shoves at you…

    just kidding, howz it goin?

  3. @Ragas: u know all…

    @Atlantean: Am deprived for both my friend… first is by compulsion, second is by choice… 😀

    @Vkris: am afraid i am loosing all the qualities of a hyderabadi… i ll tell u why sometime later…

  4. hi ravi..
    good to know u r doing good and setlling(ed?)..the initial days shud be fun to recollect later..enjoy what u do..
    and yeah, be sure am watching u;-)
    do well and good luck..

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