Real World.

Today was my first boardroom like experience with the traditional long table, drawn up chairs, ppt. presentation, design plans drawn up, suggestions made, suggestions promptly turned down, deadlines set, deadlines extended, architecture discussed, new technologies introduced, cause of receeding hairlines discovered and all that stuff…

I was mum all through and hung onto every word being said. I guess I never kept a more stern face and concentrated so hard in all my life.

Some of the core design guys are real gods man! Was just in awe of what these guys can create right in front of your eyes…

To any unfortunate soul reading this and at the same time proficient in Dreamweaver and MySql – I need to know a way to link the php code generated on dreamweaver to the MySql database server. Fight tho mar raha hoon but any little help would be obliged.

Belated Happy Diwali and Id mubarakh to one and all…

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