Remember the drive

When I was still back in India, I remember a post by Partha in his now defunct blog where he talked about a drive he took down some winding roads along the mountains by the ocean or some such thing and I always felt once I would start working and have the weekends to kill, I would just DRIVE! Take the time to just go by myself through the winding road and mull on things which were important… or just dream about things that I cannot be.

One sad thing I have come to notice over the last one year is – I haven’t had a chance to do one single exhilarating drive in all this while out of school. When I had no money – all I did was drive on those beautiful New England roads and dreamt of all that I will be when I will be out of school. Now that I am here, the roads seem to have just disappeared.

So now that I want to change that going forward, I have another dilemma brewing… what should I drive in. You see, a Honda Accord is just not what I call – a pleasurable drive. Sure, it saves me a lot of money and allows me to carry a lot of groceries but on those specifically edgy Redwood Forest roads, I just feel like I am in an 18-wheel truck slugging along just trying to stay on the road.

To enjoy a drive, you need the machine… now that I have the insolence to consider the option of what to get to pamper myself, the toy, the splurge to satiate all those desires of breaking the speed barriers, I am oscillating between madness and sheer stupidity.


A Bike! A chance to live the roadrash nightmares. The madness that it is! Let’s see… And just one more to add to that list some day – Sheer Stupidity maybe – THE M5.



As Jermey puts it…

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