I have been reading this man’s blog for a while now and as the posts keep coming, its amazing how much he has to say about everything and everybody who were with him in the times that he was churning out films that were highly effective in raising the sentiments of the people and playing with their emotions.

Anurag Kashyap, Saurabh Sukhla, Manoj Bajpai and A R Rahman – these names keep coming up all the time to regress on how much they were/were not like him and how much of what he did was chance and nothing else.

Neverthless, fascinating…

P.S: I wrote up a lot of stuff but maybe in PFC and then here…

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3 thoughts on “RGV”

  1. LOL! I ve not read or seen anything from RGV for years now, but it was a sheer pleasure, this link to his blog. Damned, one could be smart, or creative.. but arrogance.. fuck, one has to be born with such arrogance.. it was almost beautiful! He kicks ass, man!

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