Right Mr. Nostradamus?

A few days back, I chanced upon a book lying for sometime in my house about the similarities in the predictions of Nostradamus and Bhramamgaru.

For the uninitiated, Nostradamus, a French Jew who later converted to Christianity due to inquisition, was a physician by profession who learned astrology on his own and later went on to become one of the world’s most famous astrologist the world has ever seen. His 942 quatrains (1 century has 40 quatrains) have either been remarkably correct or false but have nevertheless raised quite a few questions about his publications and its wisdom.

Likewise, Bhramamgaru, a native of Andhra Pradesh, was an accomplished astrologer who foretold quite a few events that have since come true.

Both of them were quite accurate on certain events, esp. about the rise of India and China as populated super-powers and the horrific Earthquake that shattered Gujarat in 2001, 9/11 etc. The next mention about India in both their works is in the distant future, but considering what’s happening right now in the political sphere of the nation, the prophecy does seem probable if not certain.

According to Nostradamus, in the middle of the 21st century, the region lying to the south of the river Ganges will be ruled in succession by “Hindutva” oriented rulers who will be fundamentalists and keep the flag of Hinduism flying till it ultimately die’s out to give way to Islam. The same is also said by Bhramamgaru. He goes on to give a few more specifics which are – the rulers of the first half of the regime will belong to a moderate sect and the later half to a more fundamentalist group and the concept of Hinduism will be thrust upon most of the people through force – strange considering the doctrines laid down by the GITA.

This seems interesting taking into account the recent developments in BJP who happen to be the most likely band of men who would carry the flag of Hindutva. The party is heading for a vertical split thanks to the enraged Uma Bharathi who is threatening to form her own party on the principals of core Hindutva. And she does have the backing of quite a few disgruntled old timers of BJP-RSS who have felt sidelined due to the recent stance of BJP of secular Hindutva.

I am interested because if these predictions do come true, then quite a few things could go right or wrong in the country depending upon how you look at things. But I believe the most important change would be in the way in which we will be looked upon as a nation in the world community.

Recently I was with this delegation from Japan which was here as a part of our training model on Asian Markets and a few of them were very inquisitive as to how we Indians manage to survive with so many differences among people. They seemed quite knowledgeable about our nation and they made sure they impressed us with their views about INDIA as a nation who could teach the whole world about co-existing peacefully in spite of numerous differences.

If this prophecy were to come true and bearing in mind the heartless violence that this would bring upon us people, I hope this prophecy would fall into the category of the ones that never came true. Not that I doubt the common mandate of the people of this nation to decide its leaders nor do I believe that any one individual can bring about such a radical change of policy in INDIA, but I sincerely hope that we do remain what we are irrespective of the various problems we face and fight it out with the same weapons that we are fighting poverty, injustice, illitracy and corruptionwith right now.

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4 thoughts on “Right Mr. Nostradamus?”

  1. I hope Nostradamus and Brahmmamgaru both go utterly wrong. Being ruled by fundamentalists is the worst thing that can happen to us.

  2. I hope Nostradamus and Brahmmamgaru both go utterly wrong. Being ruled by fundamentalists is the worst thing that can happen to us.

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